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Mommy’s sick.

9 Jul

Ok. So I have spent the better part of 5 days in bed. I am so tired. I started coughing over the weekend and my voice is so scratchy tonight. Its only a matter of time before my voice goes completely for a day or two! I couldn’t even finish reading one chapter to my daughter tonight due to the coughing. Doctor tomorrow morning. I’m guessing bronchitis. Could be walking pneumonia or mono though, I guess. Hoping for bronchitis and a speedy recovery!

I do not have time to be sick! My house is a wreck; I need to go to the grocery store; I need to work; I need to cook dinner tomorrow night; I need to put away piles of laundry, and do more laundry. Most importantly, I need energy to play and laugh with my kids!

Welcome to my journey!

Cleaning house

8 Feb

Wow! I will admit that I do not like cleaning house any more, and probably less, than most women. There are just so many other things I would rather do! More likely, there are so many things that I can easily find or create to do instead of cleaning the house!

And, it is amazing to me how much there is to be done now that we are separated… And once spring arrives, there will be lawn to manage too! I need a clone! Have you seem the movie Multiplicity? I feel like Michael Keaton’s character from that movie… I need some clones! One to do my full-time job, one to take care of the house and yard, and one to manage my small business! That’s it, I just need three more of me!! I don’t ask for much, do I? However, then I’d just have more versions of myself to manage!

I feel like, outside of working, I spend most of my time cleaning something. And it’s usually not moving me forward, just maintaining!!! it is hard to get ahead because something always needs to be done now. Baby’s diaper blowout results in load of laundry immediately, sick kids result is sanitizing most surfaces in the house, out of baby bottles – time to run dishwasher or wash by hand! Always something and nothing extra.

I am trying to tackle a few extras here and there, one small step at a time. Quickly doing one or two things here and there to get ahead. I am hoping that the cumulative effect will be that things get organized around here!! I am starting to notice small successes, but so much more needs to be done!

For example, you may remember that one of my New Years resolutions was to make my bed… So not happening!! Tomorrow is the day to conquer it!

So much to do and so exhausted!
Welcome to my journey!