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30 Day Sugar Cleanse

8 Jul


For the second consecutive month, I am doing a sugar cleanse.  Now, when you hear cleanse, you may have thoughts of expensive green juice, complicated diets, colonics and frequent trips to the restroom.

Honestly, that’s just way too hard for me.  I just want to be a little healthier, and help my kids be healthy and happy as well.  And, I need a little accountability!

Here’s what I do…  don’t eat any refined or processed sugar.  Now, I am not perfect, but for me, I define this as no sugary sweets or desserts.  We eat tons of fruit, and I know that sugar is added to many foods that we don’t even realize contain sugar.  But, I’m busy so I’m all about making healthy choices that are easy to define and follow for me and my family.

What do I do?

I keep a box under my desk at work with healthy snacks. Right now, I have almonds and crackers.  Going to the store today to stock up on more.  This week, I plan to take yogurt, cheese, and some fruit to snack on.  (Yes, these contain some sugar, but the overall health benefits outweigh the negative impact of the sugar.  Right?!  Remember, my definition is no sugary desserts and sweets.)

I stock my pantry and refrigerator with healthy food and snacks.  I’m just not going to buy the junk.  That way, it isn’t convenient.  I already freed my pantry and refrigerator for June so that’s already done.

Have you done this before?  What are some tips and tricks you have to stick with it?

Thanks for coming along on my journey.


Welcome Home!

3 Jul

My daughter returned home from being at camp for a month. We are incredibly happy to have her home and love hearing all of her stories about her adventures at camp!

The kids came to my house yesterday evening and I wanted to have a delicious “welcome home” meal for her. Her favorite food is steak and has been since she has had enough teeth to eat it!

I went to the grocery store to pick up healthy food. We needed food for three meals each day and snacks. I try to buy food that we all like and will all eat. It looks like this.  

For a snack, I put out carrot sticks and cherries. For healthy snacks, I have found if I make it available, the kids will find it and eat it. If I tell them to eat some carrots, forget about it!!

I worked out a delicious menu of a no sugar dinner: ribeye steak, squash and veggies, and stuffed shells. No dessert. My son asked for dessert, but there was none to be had. He balked briefly. 

Here are the squash and veggies. 

Kids were awesome last night. No screen time at my house and no sugar at my house last night. They played and used their imaginations. 

I told my ex-husband about my plan since he has the kids for a few weeks after Friday. He, of course, said whatever we need to do for the kids.  He thinks it’s total crap, but I see how my kids react with too much sugar (and screen time). So, he said he would try it if I sent him a shopping list. He said he doesn’t think it will matter. His philosophy on life is to agree and/or apologize and then do whatever he wants anyway…. so, we’ll see. 

All I can do is control what happens in my home and try to work with him. I can’t make him cooperate, be honest or care. 

Today, I am off of work. Taking the kids downtown to hit the children’s museum and dinner. Packing healthy snacks for the road!!

Thank you for coming along on my journey!



2 Jul

Let’s be honest here… Life is wonderful and magical and delightful.  Life is also full of tragedy and heartache and pain.  It’s agonizing and amazing all at once.

My son is having a difficult time.  His behavior can be a challenge.  I worry about him ALL OF THE TIME.  He is a wonderful child – smart, creative, funny, kind, helpful, loving.  But at the same time, he can be impulsive and angry and disruptive.

My ex and I do not get along well.  Oh, we try to in front of the kids.  I try really hard to make it look like everything is fine.  We don’t co-parent as well as we could. The kids are onto it.  They know.  You can cut the tension with a knife.


Healthy living

It’s time for change… for all of us.

I’ve made a list of things I am going to work on in the next 6 months to help to improve our lives, our health and our family.  I started a “no sugar” diet for the month of June and I did okay.  I cheated some, but overall did well.  I have more energy, feel better and my legs and belly are a little smaller, too.  I’m doing it again for July.

  1. Address my work commute.  My office and my home are too far away, and it keeps me away from home too long during the day.
  2. Address our health and nutrition.  I have replaced all cleaners and skincare and cosmetics with non-toxic products.  Next, we need to focus on the chemicals and toxins in our food.  My son and I both have a sweet tooth so this is going to be hard!
  3. Address the relationship with my ex-husband to allow us to co-parent better.
  4. Address my son’s difficulty and anger.  Much of the above will help.

Thank you for joining my journey.



No sleep for Me.

5 Aug

Medicine is kicking in! I’m finally starting to feel better. One of the side effects of the medication is a lot of energy, which has been great today. I was very focused, and got a lot accomplished… Something I haven’t been able to say for a long time!! The downside is that I am wide awake at 2:50 am. I haven’t fallen asleep yet! I usually go to sleep fairly early so this is unheard of for me!! I may be sleepy tomorrow, and have tons to do!!! Luckily, Bug Girl and Baby Boy are with their dad this weekend so I can sleep in if I need to. Baby needs to go to doctor tomorrow for likely ear infection. If he is sick, it could really ow down my day. Need to get an early start to get a few things done that I can’t do with a sick baby. Must go to sleep.


I have tried deep breathing, counting, praying, and laying still with eyes closed. Mind still racing with thoughts if the week and months ahead. But no sleep!

Welcome my journey!

In Limbo

31 Jan

So, I had a crazy weekend; the kids were with soon-to-be-ex-husband (STBEH) for the weekend. I did a bunch of work around the house. Cleaning, sanitizing, vacuuming, washing laundry, changing sheets. Trying to get the house clean since the kids have been sick for the last few weeks. The problem with this type of cleaning is that it isn’t that noticeable – not like picking up the clutter. Although I knew I had worked my tail off, it wasn’t too noticable! So frustrating! But, I know my kids have a clean house.

I shopped all day on Saturday – looking for some items to orgainze my home office; I work full time from home; I run a small business and I write this blog – I obviously have a multi-purpose office. I have TONS of paperwork. I got a lot organized in there, but still have a long way to go. One of my favorite things I purchased are these hanging pocket folders; I bought teal, and they are a nice punch of color on the wall. And practical for holding stuff. I am using one for the kids’ school stuff and one for my company. Mostly follow up things that I don’t want to permenantly file away just yet! They are working out great!

Work has been insane – so busy, and so much to do. I have also completely re-worked the entire way that I am organizing and following up on work things. It seems to be working so far; although, I have only had one full day to test things out! Lots of color purple and green file folders, teal hanging folders – making the office more cheerful!

STBEH is causing a lot of stress for me. He acted like a real jerk on Friday, and we got into an argument about it. It is so tough. He really wants to work things out; I really cannot see that for us right now. Those conversations are so tough. I am trying so hard to keep our relationship positive… for the sake of ourselves and our children. I feel strongly that we are bonded together for the next 18 years or so so we need to make the best of it, and salvage the relationship so that we can move forwad in a positive way. I think, ultimately, we could be good friends… we are now, but he is trying to work things out. I worry that may change after the divorce.

Living in limbo is tough. I feel like I cannot make any decisions to move forward until everything is final. But, he is keeping us in limbo, wanting to work things out. This makes me very anxious about things. I don’t know where I will live, where I will go, and I can’t really make any plans because now, I have no idea when he will agree to move on. I just want some closure; I feel really held back and constrained in my life because I feel kind of stuck in this place where I can only plan certain parts of my life. It is so stressful. It will be stressful when the decisions need to be made as well.

Watching the Today Show this morning. I don’t know why 911 tapes are ever made public!

Welcome to my journey.