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Welcome Home!

3 Jul

My daughter returned home from being at camp for a month. We are incredibly happy to have her home and love hearing all of her stories about her adventures at camp!

The kids came to my house yesterday evening and I wanted to have a delicious “welcome home” meal for her. Her favorite food is steak and has been since she has had enough teeth to eat it!

I went to the grocery store to pick up healthy food. We needed food for three meals each day and snacks. I try to buy food that we all like and will all eat. It looks like this.  

For a snack, I put out carrot sticks and cherries. For healthy snacks, I have found if I make it available, the kids will find it and eat it. If I tell them to eat some carrots, forget about it!!

I worked out a delicious menu of a no sugar dinner: ribeye steak, squash and veggies, and stuffed shells. No dessert. My son asked for dessert, but there was none to be had. He balked briefly. 

Here are the squash and veggies. 

Kids were awesome last night. No screen time at my house and no sugar at my house last night. They played and used their imaginations. 

I told my ex-husband about my plan since he has the kids for a few weeks after Friday. He, of course, said whatever we need to do for the kids.  He thinks it’s total crap, but I see how my kids react with too much sugar (and screen time). So, he said he would try it if I sent him a shopping list. He said he doesn’t think it will matter. His philosophy on life is to agree and/or apologize and then do whatever he wants anyway…. so, we’ll see. 

All I can do is control what happens in my home and try to work with him. I can’t make him cooperate, be honest or care. 

Today, I am off of work. Taking the kids downtown to hit the children’s museum and dinner. Packing healthy snacks for the road!!

Thank you for coming along on my journey!


New Year’s Resolutions

31 Dec

I always make New Year’s resolutions.  I think most people do.  I don’t always keep my New Year’s resolutions.  Furthermore, I don’t always remember my New year’s resolutions after about January 15!  I gave up on trying work out more or lose 10 pounds several years ago; now I try to do something meaningful and more engaging that I’m more apt to stick to.  Some years are better than others.

With the impending divorce, this year seems like the perfect year to set some resolutions. Starting fresh with new goals and a whole new life! (Um… Yikes!)

1.  (this one is for me and my daughter) Make our beds every morning.  I’ve already begun since I got my new bed linens, and it makes me feel so good.

2. Find a new place to live, with a great school district, that we can all be happy in.

3.  Simplify (I am not sure what this one looks like yet).

4.  Enjoy my children.

What goals or resolutions are you setting this year?

Welcome to my journey!