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It wasn’t so bad.

27 Dec

In fact, it was pretty good.

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.  Luke 2:10

My wonderful mom and my step-dad came into town to spend Christmas with me.  We stayed so busy which kept my mind off of other things, and we had so much fun.  I spent a lot of time getting the house just right… clean, decorated, gifts wrapped and under the tree.  The lights were on outside, and everything was just about perfect when they arrived.

We purchased lots of baby things for a charity so we could provide a wonderful donation to families in need during this winter season.  We went to church on Christmas Eve and then onto a fantastic steak restaurant for dinner.  Food was so good; we drank wine; we laughed a lot.

Christmas morning, my kids called, and we were able to connect on FaceTime.  I was able to watch them open their stockings and their Santa gifts (which my ex-husband and I purchased jointly).  They were so excited and so cute.  After opening each gift, they ran to the phone to show it to me.  It made the morning so much better that I got to participate a little bit in their Christmas.  I think they liked that too.

Then, we opened our gifts.  My parents were too generous with me and I think they liked their gifts as well.  Later that day, we drove out to a resort which is known for its amazing Christmas decorations.  We walked around, drank hot chocolate, and laughed a little more.

Then it snowed!

I don’t generally like snow, but on Christmas day, I think it is magical!  We came home to make dinner.  We had an amazing dinner planned: beef tenderloin, pork tenderloin, squash casserole, beer bread, green salad, and mashed potatoes.  As we opened the oven door to put the casserole in, it shattered.  The front glass of the oven door shattered into a million pieces, scattered all over the kitchen, and into the squash casserole.


Of course, the oven shattered BEFORE we had cooked any of the dinner!!  We had to throw away the squash casserole, and then slice the tenderloins and fry them on the stove!  Still tasted good, but just not the same!

The table looked amazing though, and we had a fun dinner with good wine!  Good wine helped a lot!

I hope you and your families, whatever they look like this year, had a wonderful Christmas.  Find your blessings and count them.  My kids come home tomorrow, and I cannot wait to celebrate Christmas with them on Saturday morning!

Welcome to my next chapter!




Thanksgiving, 2012.

26 Nov

I had the children for Thanksgiving this year.  We are celebrated with my brother and his adorable family, who are some of my biggest supporters and dearest friends.  We had a wonderful time!  We ate way too much; we shopped way to early; we had a lot of laughs.  In addition, we did lots of activities with the kids – made ornaments, went to the park, and just played.

I have so many things to be thankful for this year.

1. Moving forward after the divorce.

2. Finding some sources of fun and support.

3. Making new friends, and catching up with old friends.

4. Support and love from family and friends.

5.  My precious children whom I adore, and thank God for every day.

6.  Health and happiness.

Those are the big things.  Those are the important things.  It was a great Thanksgiving.  I am blessed.

Welcome to my journey!

20 Years.

25 Oct

I went to my 20th year high school reunion last weekend.  As I believe most people do, I had mixed emotions about attending.  Being divorced, I would be attending everything alone. I was self conscience about being divorced, and being a single mom.  It’s not something I’m proud of, but it is my reality.  And our class was unusual.  A lot of cliques, a lot of mean girls, and a lot of really good, nice people.

I met up with a couple of my friends from high school (who I had really not seen in 20 years).  The three of us went to the first event together, and had such a fun time.   The group that night was small and I saw several people I really wanted to see.  It was so much fun!

Then, Saturday night was the big party… open bar, live band, tons of people.  It was amazeballs!!!!  I was introduced to a new drink, and had plenty of it!  Belvedere and cranberry with a splash of soda (try it, you will like it).  Amazeballs!  I’m usually a wine drinker, but this was the first party I had been to since the divorce so I decided to go out on a limb and do things differently.  Plus, I needed a little courage.  It was a little overwhelming… so many people to catch up with, and it’s been so long.

It was such a blast, so fun to get out on my own and have a good time. And to smile and to laugh.  Laugh a lot.  And not listening to anyone complaining about being bored, or getting drunk and embarrassing me, or just being an all-around jerk.  It’s such a different experience to enjoy myself without someone else constantly trying (and usually successfully) bringing me down and/or making me worry.

I felt so free and happy and good.  I felt good about where I am in life, and who I have become as a person.

I need to get out more!

Welcome to my journey!


Friendship and Laughter.

5 Aug

I had a fun week this week with some of my best girlfriends!  Thursday night, I had dinner with three dear friends.  I worked with two of them at a prior job, and one is a friend of theirs (now also, a friend of mine).  We have not all gotten together in years… and when I say years, I mean like 10 years!!  We’ve gotten together individually, just not all together.  It was so nice to get out of the house, get dressed up, and be social with adult conversation and everything!  I’m trying to build in more social opportunities for myself to keep me sane!  It’s weird how it is feast or famine.  I won’t have plans for weeks, and then tons of things going on!

Today, I went shopping with one of my dearest friends!  We spent 4 hours together, shopping and doing her baby registries!  It was so much fun.  We don’t get to spend time together nearly as frequently or for as long as we would like.  And, we are always interrupted on the phone by one of our kids!  It was so nice to let down, be myself, share WAY too much, and laugh and giggle.  I was relaxed for the first time in a long time, and it was fantastic.

Laughter and friendship are good for the soul. 

I need more laughter in my life.  I am blessed with the most amazing friends, but don’t get to see them as much as I would like.  Work and home and children are priorities and make getting together difficult.  I laugh with my kids all of the time.  I need some time to laugh with adults too – some balance and joy in a different way.

My new goal is to try to make some neighborhood friends.  I have some acquaintances, but I haven’t yet turned them in to friends… people that I spend time with.  I like to text; I am naturally shy, and I use it as a crutch.  Today, I decided to pick up the phone to call a mom in our neighborhood.  I was inviting her son over for dinner, but thought that I would call, chat, and continue to build the relationship with her, rather than just with our kids.  I could have texted, but we wouldn’t have chatted, and wouldn’t be one small step closer to being friends.

Taking small steps and trying to have a fun time.

Welcome to my journey.


Never a Dull Day.

3 Jun

My ex-husband dropped Baby Boy off this morning around 11:00. I was so excited to see Baby Boy; I hadn’t seen him since Friday morning. After smothering him in hugs and kisses, we got down to playtime and lunch – took a short walk, read lots of books, and then it was time for a nap. Apparently, he needed some rest to really have some energy this afternoon.

After nap and snack… Baby Boy was on fire and ready to play! Here is what happened:

1. Baby Boy knocked over entry way table, crashing it to the floor (I was 5 steps ahead of him and he was absolutely fine).

2. Baby Boy spilled snack all over his shirt.

3. Baby Boy spit and poured water all over the floor.

4. Baby Boy partially emptied 3 kitchen cabinets.

5. Baby Boy sat and stood on the dishwasher door.


It was a crazy afternoon! He was on a roll, and we had a blast!! He is so mobile, and is into everything… um, obviously! He is curious and wants to “help” me, especially when I load/unload the dishwasher. He is fascinated by the dishwasher! He loves the kitchen cabinets! He is learning so much everyday!

I am looking forward to spending the week with him. I am also looking froward to seeing my daughter this weekend.

Welcome to my journey.



The dress and the shoes.

21 May

I had such a great weekend. I didn’t realize how much I needed a rest until the kids were gone. They were only gone for less than 24 hours, but I needed some alone time, and some rest.

On Saturday morning, I had the rare opportunity to play with my baby boy. I mean, really, play, and laugh and have so much fun together. Its usually so busy that I spend a lot of time with him, but we just aren’t always playing. I absolutely love hearing babies laughing out loud – best sound in the world.

After the kids went with their dad, I had a million errands to run. One involved buying a dress for a wedding I am attending next weekend. It is the wedding of a friend I went to high school with, but whom I have not seen in 20 years. We reconnected via FaceBook a few years ago. This will be like a prelude to our 20th High School Reunion scheduled for this fall.

But back to the dress. I found a beautiful bright blue, lace dress that fits perfectly. It is amazing and bright and short and sexy! I cannot wait to wear it. And, I also found some amazing shoes – champagne colored platform heels. They are gorgeous! I cannot wait for the wedding and to put the whole ensemble together.





Now, I have go figure out the hair; I seriously need a haircut.  Maybe I can find someone to do an “up-do” for me since I don’t really know how to do anything fancy with my hair!

It’s going to be such a fun night; I cannot wait!

Welcome to my journey!


Who Am I?

3 May

I wrote a previous post, Where Am I, about losing myself and trying to find myself.  I am working on a new exercise that my therapist recommended, and I’m thinking about things that I haven’t considered in a long time.  Things about myself, things I love to do.

When asked today, I responded that I don’t have any hobbies.  Upon some prodding and questioning, I thought of one or two things.  As I began to jot things down, I currently have a list of 18 things I love to do, and it continues to grow.  I haven’t done many of them in years, and had forgotten they were things that I love.  This list is making me happy and excited about what my future has to offer.  I’m excited to do some of these things again.  To find happiness in things that are fun to me.

It’s really been an eye opening, and a surprising exercise to make this list.  I cannot believe how many things I had simply forgotten that I love to do.  I forgot what I want and who I am.  My ex-husband didn’t want to support or participate in anything that was fun for me so I stopped doing those things.  I am really looking forward to doing some of these things again, and to taking my kids to experience some of them as well.  I have forgotten how to have fun.  That makes me sad, but I’m going to change that.

I just added one more thing to the list; it’s up to 19.  One more, now up to 20.

I encourage you to make the list as well.  You may be surprised what you have forgotten.

Some things on my list of hobbies include gardening, wine, listening to live music, going to the theater, and traveling.  I am so excited about summer, the relaxed schedules and we are going to make the most of this summer.  Having fun, playing and enjoying life.

Welcome to my journey.


4 Weeks

26 Apr

Today marks exactly 4 weeks since I finalized my divorce. It was a difficult and lonely day ((That Was Tough).

4 weeks later, and each day is easier and more freeing and happier than than the last.

Today, would have been our 9th wedding anniversary. Bittersweet day… I am accepting of the divorce, and thinking about what could have been. All-in-all, though, I feel good about things. I thought this would be a really tough day.

Turns out, my anniversary has always been bittersweet, filled with anticipation, and always ending in disappointment. Most years, my ex-husband went out of town with his friends for our anniversary. I usually spent the weekend without him anyway.

Funny thing… This year, I am heading out of town with my girlfriends and our daughters to have a fun girls weekend.

How things have changed.

Welcome to my journey!

Soccer Mom.

21 Mar

I am officially a soccer mom, or will be in a few hours.  First soccer practice starts this afternoon at 5:30.  So excited.  First game is Saturday morning – should be hilarious since they only have one practice before the game.  Big Girl doesn’t understand why she can’t just kick the ball into either goal.  Should be interesting!!

Tired of thinking and talking about the divorce;  today thought I’d write about something more fun.  Even if it is short and sweet.

Welcome to my journey!


Valentine’s Day

15 Feb

What a day! I am still coughing up a storm; this bronchitis is dragging on and on, despite the ridiculous number of meds I am taking to make it better. None-the-less, had a fantastic and crazy busy day with my kids!!

Made pink pancakes for the kids’ breakfast. They LOVED it! My daughter wanted them to be heart shaped, but I am not that skilled culinarily! I had a hard time getting over the color to enjoy them. However, apparently the dog enjoyed them too because when I returned home from taking Big Girl to school, most of them were gone.

Then, had a Valentine’s party at my son’s school – so much fun. The baby class was adorable, and they did some and and foot painting for our cards! So cute!! Love all of those cubby little cheeks and smiles! And Baby Boy loved having me at school for a little while this morning.

Then, had Valentine’s party at Big Girl’s school – so funny! Those kids were on a serious sugar high and were so excited to see all of their cards and candy! They had a great time decorating cookies and their teachers!

Picked up Big Girl after school and spent time with her. We cleaned house and got dinner ready before picking up Baby Boy from school. On the menu for our Valentine’s Day dinner (menu selected by Big Girl):

  • Ribeye steak
  • Asparagus
  • Cake

It was delicious, considering that I have never made steak before in my life! I cooked it in an iron skillet on the stove; I need to perfect the technique, but it wasn’t bad.

I made a heart shape cake and decorated it for the kids; they loved it!!!

All in all, it was the best Valentine’s Day ever, spent with the people I love the most in the entire world! No expectations, no let downs, no negativity. Just excited kids whom I absolutely love and adore. There is nobody else I would rather have spent the day with. This is the first year that Valentine’s Day has not been a complete let down. Going out is such a hassle, and listening to STBEH whine and complain about it being a fake holiday get really old. I don’t expect a whole lot on Valentine’s Day, just appreciation and a nice evening. That’s what I got tonight.

Welcome to my journey!