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23 Jul

In the last several months, I have been humbled beyond belief. 

My emotions have been stretched as far as they can to, as has my strength.  The kindness of others has been unexpected and overwhelming.

I’ve always thought of myself as a thankful and gracious person.  Oh no.  I was not.  I was, at one time, very thoughtful and considerate (I lost a lot of this during my marriage to  a hugely selfish man, and as a result of being so miserable in my marriage), and thought that I was humble and thankful and gracious.  However, I was thankful if things went my way.  If the party was planned exactly the way I thought it should be, I was thankful.  If the gift was perfect, I was thankful.  I am not selfish, and have never been selfish, but the change from being nice and being thankful and humbled is a HUGE, and is an amazing place to be.

After being brought to my knees this last year, physically, emotionally and spiritually, I have lost so much pride and envy.  For the first time in my life, I am learning to appreciate the small, simple things.  I am tremendously thankful for a phone call or a note.  I appreciate a smile.  I need so much support and help, and recently, wonderful people have been coming out of the woodwork to help me.

  • I have wonderful friends and family who call and text to check in on me, and offer help.
  • I have amazing family who supports me and who does whatever they can to help.
  • I have a great doctor who takes my health seriously and who has been dedicated to helping me get better (both mentally and physically).
  • I have a great therapist who I feel completely open to talk to and who provides me with an amazing sounding board and perspective.  There are just some things I don’t want to share with anyone in my inner circle, and she listens and helps me work through those things.
  • I have healthy, funny, loving, amazing kids whom I absolutely adore.
  • Our new babysitter/housekeeper is working out great.  My kids adore her, and she is such a hard worker.  So much of a load off of my back, and I really need the help right now.
  • I have this blog which I love doing with wonderful followers.  And, just the simple act of writing is therapeutic and helps me organize my emotions and thoughts.  I work so much out just writing here.

And, the big things are amazing too.  I am so blessed to have a wonderful family and friends.

When I got sick, my mom re-routed her vacation to fly to my house and spend the better part of a week to help me 24/7.  She cleaned, cooked, grocery shopped, got up with Baby Boy in the middle of the night, fed kids, took kids to school, picked up kids in afternoon, baths — really just about everything.  So that I could rest.  I sent her home weary and ready for a long nap over the weekend, I am sure; although, she would never admit it.

My amazing brother and his kids came in Friday night.  My brother worked on a bunch of projects around the house – hanging shelving, moving curtains, hung cool wire to hang the kids’ art work int he play room.  He also helped cook and clean up dishes… and he got up with 3 of the 4 kids on Saturday morning, got them snacks and milk and diapered.  Then he got donuts for everyone.

My dad was also in town this weekend, and he fixed one of my broken sprinkler heads (I’ve had a geyser in my front yard this week)!  He also programmed the sprinkler system for me so it waters when it is supposed to.

Physically, I am feeling so much better – not 100% by any stretch, but I have a voice; my cough is minimal.  I’m keeping food down.  I feel so much better.  Another doctor appointment tomorrow to follow up on bronchitis and re-evaulate the other issues.

My cup runneth over today.

Welcome to my journey.


I really am sick.

10 Jul

Went to the doctor today. My real doctor. Not to be confused with the urgent care clinic I went to on Sunday. Despite the fact that I did not have a sore throat or ears, they insisted on doing a strep test. Not surprisingly, it came back negative. The doctor came in and told me that since my throat hurt and I had been vomiting, she was going to treat me for strep. Ummmm. My throat does not hurt, and I have not been vomiting. “Just in case”, she wanted to treat me for strep even though I had no symptoms and the test was negative! So I walked out with prescriptions to treat strep. I did not fill them.

That gets me back to where I started. I went to my doctor today. Waiting on medicine at the pharmacy now… Bronchitis, laryngitis, digestive issues, and anxiety. Good times! Y’all, I don’t mess around. When I’m sick, I am sick.

Back to work for now. Well see how long I can make it!

Welcome to my journey!

Mommy’s sick.

9 Jul

Ok. So I have spent the better part of 5 days in bed. I am so tired. I started coughing over the weekend and my voice is so scratchy tonight. Its only a matter of time before my voice goes completely for a day or two! I couldn’t even finish reading one chapter to my daughter tonight due to the coughing. Doctor tomorrow morning. I’m guessing bronchitis. Could be walking pneumonia or mono though, I guess. Hoping for bronchitis and a speedy recovery!

I do not have time to be sick! My house is a wreck; I need to go to the grocery store; I need to work; I need to cook dinner tomorrow night; I need to put away piles of laundry, and do more laundry. Most importantly, I need energy to play and laugh with my kids!

Welcome to my journey!

Sick baby

13 Apr

Being a single parent, I am learning, is a great reward and a really tough job.

Today, Baby Boy was sent home from school; he had over 100 degree fever. By the time I took him to the doctor this afternoon, his fever was over 103. He isn’t eating, and this morning, would not drink anything either. He is so lethargic – just lay around all day. When I put him to bed, he was finally drinking some liquids, but his fever was up to 104. He has had Motrin and Tylenol all day, and still the high fever.

Luckily, my ex-husband loves his kids and was in town. So he came over and spent the afternoon holding the baby while I got some work done.

The doctor does not know what is wrong- nothing was evident so chalking it up to some viral infection. 7 out of 10 of the babies in his class were a sent today with high fevers. They actually closed the classroom today due to illness and are going to sanitize over the weekend.

Tomorrow, Big Girl has a soccer game which I will likely miss to take care of baby. Luckily, her dad is going to pick her up and take her to her game. I hate to miss her game, but I cannot take my sick baby out to the soccer fields.

So, today has been tough, but so glad my ex was able to help with the baby.

I hope that sweet boy is okay. I hate high fevers; they make me worry. I’ll be taking care of this one alone. Night time is when I worry the most. He should be up in an hour for more medicine, and will hopefully sleep through the night after that. It’s scary.

Ok. Well, as soon as I finished writing the sentence above, Baby Boy woke up screaming; I mean screaming and crying. I went to check on him and to give him a bottle. When I picked him up he was shivering/trembling. My baby was having a seizure. I will fill in the details later. Suffice it to say that it is Saturday morning at almost 4:30, and I am just getting in bed after a long night at the emergency room. He is doing much better now.

Welcome to my journey.