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Welcome Home!

3 Jul

My daughter returned home from being at camp for a month. We are incredibly happy to have her home and love hearing all of her stories about her adventures at camp!

The kids came to my house yesterday evening and I wanted to have a delicious “welcome home” meal for her. Her favorite food is steak and has been since she has had enough teeth to eat it!

I went to the grocery store to pick up healthy food. We needed food for three meals each day and snacks. I try to buy food that we all like and will all eat. It looks like this.  

For a snack, I put out carrot sticks and cherries. For healthy snacks, I have found if I make it available, the kids will find it and eat it. If I tell them to eat some carrots, forget about it!!

I worked out a delicious menu of a no sugar dinner: ribeye steak, squash and veggies, and stuffed shells. No dessert. My son asked for dessert, but there was none to be had. He balked briefly. 

Here are the squash and veggies. 

Kids were awesome last night. No screen time at my house and no sugar at my house last night. They played and used their imaginations. 

I told my ex-husband about my plan since he has the kids for a few weeks after Friday. He, of course, said whatever we need to do for the kids.  He thinks it’s total crap, but I see how my kids react with too much sugar (and screen time). So, he said he would try it if I sent him a shopping list. He said he doesn’t think it will matter. His philosophy on life is to agree and/or apologize and then do whatever he wants anyway…. so, we’ll see. 

All I can do is control what happens in my home and try to work with him. I can’t make him cooperate, be honest or care. 

Today, I am off of work. Taking the kids downtown to hit the children’s museum and dinner. Packing healthy snacks for the road!!

Thank you for coming along on my journey!



2 Jun

It has been a crazy, emotional week around here!  For me and for my good friends!

Work has been pretty insane as usual, and the short week only intensified it!  Plus, I took a vacation day on Friday, and was on the road Wednesday.  Too much going on, and such limited time to fulfill my work obligations and responsibilities! 

So, this week, my best friend who has two daughters found out she is having a baby boy in Oct.  Another friend who has two boys found out this week that she is having twin girls in Oct.  Another friend who has gone through hell in infertility treatments and a failed adoption attempt found out she is having a baby girl in the fall.  I just love happy baby news!

I had a busy week myself, packing my daughter for summer camp.  This is her first year to go away to camp.  On Friday, I hopped on the bus with her and 15 other girls, and one of my dear friends.  We drove 6 hours to camp.  I spent two hours getting my daughter’s bunk set up, and getting her settled.  Then, another camp mom drove me an hour and a half to the airport to fly home.  My flight was delayed THREE hours!!  Ugh.  So, I tried to fly stand-by on an earlier flight.  Nope.  Full flight.  I got bumped to another stand-by list for an earlier flight that was also delayed.  2nd to last person on the plane; home 30 minutes earlier than my previously scheduled flight.  SCORE!

Taking my daughter to camp was such an emotional experience for me for a number of reasons.  She is going to the same camp Iwent to as a child, well, it is run by the same people on different land.  The traditions and experiences are the same.  The director and her team are the same.  My camp friends are also sending their daughters this summer.  I feel completely comfortable with where my daughter is, and I know she will have such an amazing time.  However, I am struggling!  Part of me is so jealous that she is there; I want to be there too, experiencing one last time!   Part of me (the helicopter mom who comes out occassionally) wants to be there to watch everything she is doing, and watch her blossom!  Part of me wants to be a fly on the wall!  But, I know I need to let her go, and let her have this expereince on her own.

My daughter has taken vacations without me before.  She has spent a week with my mom and other family members.  She is with her father ever other weekend.  However, here is the kicker.  I cannot call to talk to her for a WEEK.  This is a good rule, and is designed to allow her time to settle in, to make new friends, and to prevent her being homesick.  But,  this is really letting go for me!  I’m used to knowing everything that is happening; I talk to my daughter every single day.  I can call the camp at anytime to check on her; I just can’t talk to her directly, unless there is an emergency.  I have mailed letters and a little package to her.  She is getting tons of mail from her family.  She has great counselors in her cabin.  She loves the staff and they love her.  She is fine!

WOW – this is hard.  I am a very pround mother this week. My daughter is so strong, and she was making new friends before I even left!  She was so happy and so excited to be there!

I head back on Friday for closing weekend, and bring her home on Sunday… unless she wants to stay longer!!!

Welcome to my journey!



1 Jan

Where do you find joy?  I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately.  Thanks to one of my good friends who said her therapist recently asked her that question.  A seemingly simple question, yet so profound.  Requiring a great amount of thought and self-reflection to provide a complete answer.  The question has stuck with me… Where do you find joy?

1.  My children.

2.  My dear friends – 5 of them to be more specific.

3. My family.

4.  Camp.

So my task now is to figure out how to bring more joy into my life.  How do I make those four things priorities every day?  how do I organize my time so that I can create joy for me and my children?  There are so many other priorities that get in the way – I work full time, I run a small business, I write this blog, I have to feed/bathe/clothe my children each day.  There is homework, housework, and lots of other work.  All of these things are also priorities.

I don’t know the answer yet, but will work towards making joy a larger part of my life in 2012.


Happy New Year!

Welcome to my journey!