Don’t Fence Me In!!

29 Jan

I like a little Western Swing music every now and then. Cole Porter wrote a little song in the 1930’s titled “Don’t Fence Me In”. It has been covered by a lot of musicians over the years. My beloved uncle introduced me to Western swingad a child, and we attended a Western swing festival every summer for about 16 years. My children attended many times, too, practically since they were born.  My uncle passed away last May. I miss him dearly. He was an incredible man. 

Fast forward to today.  Y’all… my fence fell down!!!! 

It just fell right over!!  Just like that!

My very kind neighbor came over today to prop it up with metal rods and some heavy duty string to keep it from falling down!  It’s a very temporary fix, but allows my dog to go outside!  I need to buy them a very nice bottle of wine!

I met the neighbors behind me today for the first time! I should have introduced myself long ago. It’s a little awkward to introduce yourself and say let’s talk about financing repairs/replacement of this fence!!  We have a meeting tomorrow night to discuss what to do!

Don’t fence me in!  It’s always something, y’all!  


Babysitter Blues

28 Jan

I am having a couple of babysitter interviews at my house today. In need someone to take my kids to their after-school activities and take care of them. 

Every time we change childcare, it turns into a huge fight with my ex-husband. Although, he is responsible for paying above a specific amount each month toward childcare, I have always paid more than my share so that the kids can have great childcare. 

He never wants to pay his share, especially if the amount increases. 

Our second candidate is on her way over and I need to make a decision today. 

It’s going to be a fight!!!  

Wish me luck!



21 Jan

I saw this on Pinterest this morning. It really resonated with me. I’m just going to leave it here for you.

Have a great Saturday!


What a Week!

19 Jan

This week has been full of ups and downs, surprises, and craziness. I’m exhausted!!

Tree guy came out and cleaned up the tree that fell, and did work on some other trees/shrubs, too. So, yard is looking ok! It needed some sprucing up!  Doing that, however, meant that I was out of the office and working from home unexpectedly for most of Monday and Tuesday.

Work is crazy busy. I’m hosting webinars from my house, amid tree repairs and barking dogs and kids after school. 

My babysitter quit due to some changing personal commitments so I’m interviewing new babysitters. 

School nurse called me this morning about an hour after I arrived at work…  big girl has a sore throat and fever. She must be picked up…  now. I raced home, picked her up, put her to bed and hosted a 45 minute webinar to about 40 people. 

Girl Scout cookies are in this week and my daughter set a goal of selling 230 boxes. She had sold over 100 so well on our way!!

I had to miss a babysitter phone interview this evening due to all the craziness. I emailed her to apologize and reschedule. She told me her parents didn’t think it was a legitimate offer. Lol! They have no idea how much I need an awesome babysitter!!

Another work from home day tomorrow. Back to back meetings all day. I must figure out how to get my daughter to the doctor in the midst of my workday. 

Oh, and ex-boyfriend wants to meet for lunch. He says he has some of my stuff.  I broke up with him about a month ago, and haven’t seen him in about 6-7 weeks.  I haven’t missed my stuff so must not be too important!  But it makes me feel weird to have stuff still at his house. All I could do was giggle. He thinks I have time for lunch. He clearly doesn’t get me!!  It’s going to be a very brief exchange in a couple of weeks. 

I am so ready for the weekend!  Rest tomorrow night. Continue house projects through the weekend!  

Gotta keep going!


When it Rains, it Pours… Literally!

16 Jan

Did you happen to watch the Dallas Cowboys play Green Bay last night?  It was a great game, a nail biter to the very end. Our beloved Dallas Cowboys lost in the last 3 seconds of the game!

Almost immediately after the game, bad weather hit the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, bringing with it high winds, pounding rain, and a few tornados!  Mother Nature was not happy about the Cowboys’ loss!!  

I live in the area. Thankfully, the tornados steered clear of my home however, the wind and rain came howling through!!  This is what I woke up to this morning!!

One tree fell onto the house!!!!  Fortunately, it’s not a large tree and did not damage the house.  It made a mess though!  The kids thought it was awesome!!!

When it rains, it pours!  And sometimes, trees fall down!  And when they do, we clean up and keep moving. 


Getting it All Done

15 Jan

Do you go through phases in your life?  Sometimes everything works smoothly; sometimes you feel so far behind?  I do. 

Right now, I’m having a “behind” phase and there is so much to do that it is overwhelming me!

  • I still haven’t put Christmas decorations in the attic. I mean, they are mostly boxed up. But they are heavy and carrying them all to the attic is such a beat down!
  • I need to go to the grocery store. Another chore I despise. 
  • I need to plan healthy dinners for the week. I have really gotten off track here in the last few months. 
  • I need to deal with some home repairs, repair people and insurance company due to storm damage. 
  • I need to clean my house from top to bottom and sanitize it. Since Dec. 14, my kids have had strep 3 times I am currently battling a sinus infection. 
  • My kids babysitter quit due to some personal commitments to her own family and I need to find a new one.
  • I need to take defensive driving. I accidentally made an illegal U-turn and got a ticket.
  • I’d like to do some fun things, too. 

So, here I write, procrastinating still!  Gotta get busy today. I’ll see how much I can knock out before church. If I get decorations put away, I’m getting a pedicure as a treat!

Moms, how do you get it all done?  What are some of your favorite meals for week nights?


I’m Back!

14 Jan

Hi!  It’s been almost 4 years since I have written on this blog!  I’m back and am so happy to be writing here again!  I’ve really missed this blog.

Let me catch you up on where my life is today.  I have aged a few years since my last writing!  So have my kids. No diapers, no bottles and no more baby food in this house!  Some things are so much easier, but I miss my babies!  I love my child, and my emerging adult so much!  Now, we have independence, privacy, hormones, constantly changing emotions, homework, friends in and out, cell phones, drama!  It’s crazy busy and so much fun to watch them grow up!

I left that crappy job for one I love.  I miss working from home, but being in the office and around people was just what I needed at the time.  I love my job and feel fortunate to have had an opportunity to do lots of different things there.

I feel like I have a part-time job as a chauffeur to my children – taking them to practices and parties and friends and events and…  the list never ends!  And the logistical coordination of all of this sometimes makes me crazy!!

I have developed a great support network of friends for me and my kids.  With no family within  250 miles, a great network of friends has been invaluable for me.  They help me out and I help them out.

What I have learned in these last few years has been incredible though.  I really don’t define myself as a single mom, even though I am.  I am a full time mom just like any other mom.  I am a working mom, just like many moms.

I had some hard times, just like every single person in this world.  Your hard times aren’t like mine, but we all have hard times.  And, we all have great times.   I have learned to accept that we aren’t trying to avoid the hard times, because the hard times will come.  We get stronger through them and dig ourselves out with hard work and tenacity and focus and determination and grit and tears. And we make it to the other side stronger and different.

I’ve learned to see the beauty in grief and loss and change.  It’s part of our human being… to experience all of the good and bad that life gives us.  It’s up to us to get through it. It’s hard as hell.  And, it’s wonderful and beautiful and messy and hard and gut-wrenching, at times.

I’ve learned to be more appreciative and to enjoy the good times.

I have learned to enjoy this messy life that I have.


The Mondays…

9 Apr

I usually spend the better part of Sunday intensely stressed out about the week to come, about the job that I dread, and all of the things that I need to accomplish personally.  I feel so behind, and it all comes together on Sundays as I try to prepare for the week to come.

I have a new babysitter who is wonderful and who is so helpful.  She has alleviated so much of my stress!

And,  Monday night is my favorite TV night of the week… The Voice and Revolution!

  Revolution Logo

I just love to watch The Voice.  My daughter and I have TV night on Mondays and Tuesdays and watch it together.  We get so into the contestants and the judges!  We both have a little crush on Adam Levine!

And, Revolution… I am so hooked on this show!  I have never been so into a show before!  Last night, I watched, and got so lost in the story that I was stressed out and had heartburn!!

Little something for me to look forward to at the beginning of a difficult week.

Welcome to my next chapter!



So, that’s why I feel like crap all of the time!

3 Mar

I’ve seen more doctors in the last three to six months than I care to ever see again.  And, it’s not over.  I’ve got three more appointments scheduled for myself this month, and at least two more to schedule.

The good news is that I finally have a diagnosis for my horrible symptoms which have been causing me so much trouble since June 2012.  I went in for testing on Monday, and found out that I have Crohn’s Disease.  I’m a little sad to have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, but I already know I had one since I’ve been suffering with the symptoms for most of my life anyway.  The good news is that Chron’s can be treated with medication, and I should start to feel much better very soon.  I’ve just been on my medication for a few days, and already, I have so much more energy and am much less tired.

While I was under general anesthesia on Monday, there were some issues with my heart, and my gastroenterologist referred me to a cardiologist with concerns that I may have a troubling heart condition.  I see the cardiologist tomorrow.  I’m pretty scared.

My wonderful mom has been my rock, and my friends have been amazing.  My mom was here all of last week, went to the appointment with me on Monday and stayed for several days.  She is going to try to fly to my house tomorrow to go to the cardiologist with me as well.  We’re all a little more concerned with that than the Chrone’s… for now.

I’m saying lots of prayers, and hoping that all is okay. 

Welcome to my next chapter.


All the Single Mamas.

6 Feb

Well, the sickness is continuing in our house.

I am having a major flare up of my health condition, necessitating the need to see a specialist and have some additional testing done. I am feeling a little better, but am exhausted!!

My son has continued to be sick, Almost constantly since New Year’s. He has had pink eye, croup, pink eye, vomiting, and some sort of throat virus with a high fever.

All of this has necessitated my missing a lot of work. I have missed the last two days, and tomorrow, being with with my sick son.

I talked about it with my boss today, to acknowledge my absences and to see if he had any suggestions that may help at work. I am using my available vacation to cover these days, which he appreciated.

That’s where it fell apart. He asked if I had my son in an unsanitary day are facility. He suggested that I send him to school sick, even going so far to say that I needed to find a facility which will take sick children. My son has had over 102 fever for 2 days and is contagious; I am not going to drop him off anywhere! He asked why my mom can’t watch him, despite the fact that she lives a 3 hour plane ride away and has a life of her own.

He also suggested that I look into getting a nanny. I explained that a nanny costs more than I can afford. When I had a nanny, he said I was not flexible enough and suggested that I look into daycare. Either way, I lose!

Then, he said that work cannot continue to be the only place that I make sacrifices!! I almost lost it, but I maintained my composure… Barely!

First of all, I was asking him what I could do differently at work, and he proceeds to tell me what I should be doing in my personal life. Really, you don’t think I’ve already thought of all of those options?! Are you kidding me?

Single working moms, how do you balance it all, especially when the kids are sick?

Welcome to my next chapter.