Happy 4th of July

4 Jul

Happy 4th of July!  I’m spending the day with the kids. We had a fun time at a parade near our home this morning, swimming later and cooking burgers for dinner. I really want ice cream. I bought real fruit popcicles for dessert, though!

Thank you for coming along on my journey!


Welcome Home!

3 Jul

My daughter returned home from being at camp for a month. We are incredibly happy to have her home and love hearing all of her stories about her adventures at camp!

The kids came to my house yesterday evening and I wanted to have a delicious “welcome home” meal for her. Her favorite food is steak and has been since she has had enough teeth to eat it!

I went to the grocery store to pick up healthy food. We needed food for three meals each day and snacks. I try to buy food that we all like and will all eat. It looks like this.  

For a snack, I put out carrot sticks and cherries. For healthy snacks, I have found if I make it available, the kids will find it and eat it. If I tell them to eat some carrots, forget about it!!

I worked out a delicious menu of a no sugar dinner: ribeye steak, squash and veggies, and stuffed shells. No dessert. My son asked for dessert, but there was none to be had. He balked briefly. 

Here are the squash and veggies. 

Kids were awesome last night. No screen time at my house and no sugar at my house last night. They played and used their imaginations. 

I told my ex-husband about my plan since he has the kids for a few weeks after Friday. He, of course, said whatever we need to do for the kids.  He thinks it’s total crap, but I see how my kids react with too much sugar (and screen time). So, he said he would try it if I sent him a shopping list. He said he doesn’t think it will matter. His philosophy on life is to agree and/or apologize and then do whatever he wants anyway…. so, we’ll see. 

All I can do is control what happens in my home and try to work with him. I can’t make him cooperate, be honest or care. 

Today, I am off of work. Taking the kids downtown to hit the children’s museum and dinner. Packing healthy snacks for the road!!

Thank you for coming along on my journey!



2 Jul

Let’s be honest here… Life is wonderful and magical and delightful.  Life is also full of tragedy and heartache and pain.  It’s agonizing and amazing all at once.

My son is having a difficult time.  His behavior can be a challenge.  I worry about him ALL OF THE TIME.  He is a wonderful child – smart, creative, funny, kind, helpful, loving.  But at the same time, he can be impulsive and angry and disruptive.

My ex and I do not get along well.  Oh, we try to in front of the kids.  I try really hard to make it look like everything is fine.  We don’t co-parent as well as we could. The kids are onto it.  They know.  You can cut the tension with a knife.


Healthy living

It’s time for change… for all of us.

I’ve made a list of things I am going to work on in the next 6 months to help to improve our lives, our health and our family.  I started a “no sugar” diet for the month of June and I did okay.  I cheated some, but overall did well.  I have more energy, feel better and my legs and belly are a little smaller, too.  I’m doing it again for July.

  1. Address my work commute.  My office and my home are too far away, and it keeps me away from home too long during the day.
  2. Address our health and nutrition.  I have replaced all cleaners and skincare and cosmetics with non-toxic products.  Next, we need to focus on the chemicals and toxins in our food.  My son and I both have a sweet tooth so this is going to be hard!
  3. Address the relationship with my ex-husband to allow us to co-parent better.
  4. Address my son’s difficulty and anger.  Much of the above will help.

Thank you for joining my journey.



Don’t Fence Me In!!

29 Jan

I like a little Western Swing music every now and then. Cole Porter wrote a little song in the 1930’s titled “Don’t Fence Me In”. It has been covered by a lot of musicians over the years. My beloved uncle introduced me to Western swingad a child, and we attended a Western swing festival every summer for about 16 years. My children attended many times, too, practically since they were born.  My uncle passed away last May. I miss him dearly. He was an incredible man. 

Fast forward to today.  Y’all… my fence fell down!!!! 

It just fell right over!!  Just like that!

My very kind neighbor came over today to prop it up with metal rods and some heavy duty string to keep it from falling down!  It’s a very temporary fix, but allows my dog to go outside!  I need to buy them a very nice bottle of wine!

I met the neighbors behind me today for the first time! I should have introduced myself long ago. It’s a little awkward to introduce yourself and say let’s talk about financing repairs/replacement of this fence!!  We have a meeting tomorrow night to discuss what to do!

Don’t fence me in!  It’s always something, y’all!  


Babysitter Blues

28 Jan

I am having a couple of babysitter interviews at my house today. In need someone to take my kids to their after-school activities and take care of them. 

Every time we change childcare, it turns into a huge fight with my ex-husband. Although, he is responsible for paying above a specific amount each month toward childcare, I have always paid more than my share so that the kids can have great childcare. 

He never wants to pay his share, especially if the amount increases. 

Our second candidate is on her way over and I need to make a decision today. 

It’s going to be a fight!!!  

Wish me luck!



21 Jan

I saw this on Pinterest this morning. It really resonated with me. I’m just going to leave it here for you.

Have a great Saturday!


What a Week!

19 Jan

This week has been full of ups and downs, surprises, and craziness. I’m exhausted!!

Tree guy came out and cleaned up the tree that fell, and did work on some other trees/shrubs, too. So, yard is looking ok! It needed some sprucing up!  Doing that, however, meant that I was out of the office and working from home unexpectedly for most of Monday and Tuesday.

Work is crazy busy. I’m hosting webinars from my house, amid tree repairs and barking dogs and kids after school. 

My babysitter quit due to some changing personal commitments so I’m interviewing new babysitters. 

School nurse called me this morning about an hour after I arrived at work…  big girl has a sore throat and fever. She must be picked up…  now. I raced home, picked her up, put her to bed and hosted a 45 minute webinar to about 40 people. 

Girl Scout cookies are in this week and my daughter set a goal of selling 230 boxes. She had sold over 100 so well on our way!!

I had to miss a babysitter phone interview this evening due to all the craziness. I emailed her to apologize and reschedule. She told me her parents didn’t think it was a legitimate offer. Lol! They have no idea how much I need an awesome babysitter!!

Another work from home day tomorrow. Back to back meetings all day. I must figure out how to get my daughter to the doctor in the midst of my workday. 

Oh, and ex-boyfriend wants to meet for lunch. He says he has some of my stuff.  I broke up with him about a month ago, and haven’t seen him in about 6-7 weeks.  I haven’t missed my stuff so must not be too important!  But it makes me feel weird to have stuff still at his house. All I could do was giggle. He thinks I have time for lunch. He clearly doesn’t get me!!  It’s going to be a very brief exchange in a couple of weeks. 

I am so ready for the weekend!  Rest tomorrow night. Continue house projects through the weekend!  

Gotta keep going!