Merry Christmas Eve

24 Dec

I️ sent these texts to a friend of mine today, kind of a pep talk for both of us!!

Merry Christmas Eve!!

This may be as much for me as it is for you… the reality is that Christmas is hard when you are divorced, even when you have your kids. And it’s lonely as a single parent.

Make the magic happen for your kids, and I️t will happen for you, too! Focus of the positive and building new memories, not running from the old ones.

Trust me, there is always beauty and magic, even in the chaos and mess. Find I️t and embrace I️t and soak I️t in!

Enjoy your day!

We are spending the afternoon at church and then headed to a fun dinner tonight.

And I’m fucking exhausted!! 🎄🎅🏻

Sometimes, your crazy children make a huge mess of the house and your dishwasher leaks and there is water all over your kitchen floor and the vacuum is broken. And your asshole ex-husband comes over unexpectedly with gifts for the kids and gets them all riled up. Never mind, he already gave them everything on their Christmas list!!

And you send the kids out to play and sit down in the chaos and pour a damn drink…. before church.

And it’s 40 degrees outside and my son is playing in the sprinkler! We have to be at church in 2 hours!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

But kind of laughing because what else are you going to do?!?! It’s messy sometimes!

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