Cheat weekend … Never Again

23 Jul

I had a wonderful weekend with old friends this weekend. We packed up for a girl’s staycation.  I decided that I was going to have fun and not worry about what I ate this weekend!   

We stayed in a fabulous hotel, and lounged at the pool all afternoon on Saturday. It was incredibly relaxing and refreshing. We talked and laughed all afternoon and late into the night!!

We had a few cocktails and ordered greasy Italian food for dinner. We ate Sprinkles cupcakes straight from the box (we had no plates or napkins in the room). 
We had brunch reservations this afternoon at a restaurant which serves southern food. I was so excited to eat here! I ordered chicken and waffles. It was so delicious. 

Not too long after lunch, though, I started to have a familiar feeling that I have not had in months….  stomach ache, cramping and some dizziness. NOT GOOD!

We finished eating and I got home. My stomach was very upset. Something I have not experienced in a couple of months, but which used to be very normal for me. 

I lay down to rest and woke up with fever. I feel like I swallowed a beach ball. I have heart burn. It’s been 8 hours since lunch and I am stuffed and still aching!

I think my body had adjusted so well to my cleaner eating that I made myself sick by my food choices!  I remember that I used to feel like this a lot. Today, it kept me down; I’ve been in bed all day. 

I have been feeling so good and healthy and full of energy lately. This cheat weekend was NOT worth it. 

Back to clean eating tomorrow. 

Thank you for coming along on my journey!


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