No Sugar… Week 1

8 Jul

Our first week of our no sugar food experiment went amazingly well!  I was incredibly surprised. I expected it to be filled with whiny, composing kids who just wanted ice cream or candy!

But, was I wrong. In fact, I saw just the opposite. 

My daughter doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth and eats pretty healthy so she didn’t notice much. She was more worried about catching up with friends after having been away for a month!!  

I feel great!  I have so much more energy. My mood has improved. I craved dessert so much, but I ate tons of fruit and almonds to keep full. It didn’t replace the hot fudge brownie sundae I was craving, but I was able to handle the craving with better choices. 

My sweet son…  he is like a new person, y’all!!  He was happy all week. Not a single temper tantrum, which typically happen daily.   He whined less. He was more focused and listened better. 

He was able to think and make good choices at home and at school. In fact, his teacher specifically stopped me yesterday to tell me that he had a great day on his field trip on Thursday. Y’all, THIS. HAS. NEVER. HAPPENED. His teacher has never complimented his overall behavior. Ever. 

It was a truly eye-opening and incredible week and this will be our new way of life. I know we will continue to refine it, but just removing obvious sources of sugar has made such an incredible difference for our family!

The kids were fine with it. My son asked for dessert every night, and I did buy some fruit popcicles for dessert after dinner. I’m sure they had some sugar, but a better choice than cakes or cookies. 

So, what did we eat?!

Sunday, we had a rib-eye steak with veggies. 

Monday, we had chicken and rice casserole (no canned soup in my recipe, I make a cheese sauce instead) with leftover veggies, and some fruit. 

Tuesday, I grilled hamburgers. We had veggies and fruit. 

Wednesday and Thursday were leftovers. 

For breakfast, we had fresh fruit, English muffins, and corn flakes throughout the week. 

The kids went to their dad’s on Friday and are there for a month. I’m hoping he keeps up the new diet. 

In the meantime, I plan to keep it up. I want to  try to eliminate some excess carbs next. I love bread and have carbs with most meals.   I also want to get better at reading labels on food and remove dye from our diet as well. It just makes sense for the happiness and health of my family.

Thank you for coming along on my journey. 

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