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The Mondays…

9 Apr

I usually spend the better part of Sunday intensely stressed out about the week to come, about the job that I dread, and all of the things that I need to accomplish personally.  I feel so behind, and it all comes together on Sundays as I try to prepare for the week to come.

I have a new babysitter who is wonderful and who is so helpful.  She has alleviated so much of my stress!

And,  Monday night is my favorite TV night of the week… The Voice and Revolution!

  Revolution Logo

I just love to watch The Voice.  My daughter and I have TV night on Mondays and Tuesdays and watch it together.  We get so into the contestants and the judges!  We both have a little crush on Adam Levine!

And, Revolution… I am so hooked on this show!  I have never been so into a show before!  Last night, I watched, and got so lost in the story that I was stressed out and had heartburn!!

Little something for me to look forward to at the beginning of a difficult week.

Welcome to my next chapter!