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18 Sep

I used to be organized!  My house used to be organized and clean!

Enter one dog, two kids.

Exit one husband.

Life has brought a lot of changes over the years, and as a result, my house always looks like a tornado has blown through!!  The kids are getting better about picking up toys, but the paperwork from school, mail, filing is out of control!!

And the dog hair!  Oh my goodness.  I sweep and vacuum my house 2-3 times a day, and it still feels dirty.   Maybe I need to bathe and brush the dog once in awhile, but these days, I’m just glad to get my kids bathed.  In fact, that reminds me, I really need a shower myself!!  LOL!  No, seriously, it’s been a couple of days!

Welcome to my journey!


Vacation… Well, it’s About Time!

8 Sep

My step father’s birthday is today. My mom hosted a birthday party for him in his hometown in Massachusetts. it was a great party. Lots of clam chowder and lobster. It was amazing!

I have spent the better part of this weekend bingeing on seafood, most of which has been either dredged in butter or smothered in cream. Oh, I am bloated, but it sure is tasty!

The kids did not join me on this trip. They stayed home with the first ever, non-family overnight babysitter. I was pretty nervous about it. But, it went off without a hitch, and kids and babysitter had a great time!

It’s been nice to get away from home. I desperately needed a break, from everything! Haven’t thought too much about work, just under the constant stress that is ever present these days as a result if my job.

I’ve thought about the children ALOT, and miss them so much.

But, the break from it all has been so nice, and the trip has been lots if fun. Fun times with my family… Laughing, storytelling, eating, and catching up!

I just left my mom and family, and am sitting in a train, headed to see my half sister and brother before I head home tomorrow. I’m seeing more clam chowder in my future!!

Lots of laughter, lots of love, lots if support this weekend.

Welcome to my journey!